i found the little mermaid.

yes people, she’s back from china! i’m still wondering why they could not have just made a replica and that they had to bring the actual mermaid to china. sigh. i was just so bummed when i thought she wasn’t going to be here but hey, there she is, so the walk all the way to edge of the city come to something after all.

someone told me that the mermaid got vandalised seriously so many times. yah. someone decapitated her head at least twice. someone sawed off her arm once. she got blown up by dynamite once. got draped in clothes a few times. got splashed in paint a few times. and everytime, the city fixed her up again. i can’t imagine how she’s look like if the city did not fix her up everytime someone did something to her.

i can’t imagine what the sculptor would be thinking if he was alive today.

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