The World Food Programme has been asked to assist in the relief efforts of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last Friday. Your donation today will help us provide specialised logistics support to the Japanese government in the delivery of water, tents, and blankets to families who need them the most.

In the wake of the massive earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan, the World Food Programme has been standing by to provide emergency assistance.

Today we were called upon to help deliver water, tents, and blankets to tens of thousands of families in desperate need.

This was the strongest earthquake ever recorded in Japan, triggering a 10-metre wall of water that washed away scores of people, houses, and farms. Many communities remain inaccessible. Some estimates suggest as many as 10,000 people have been killed. Thousands more are missing.

In times of crisis, the international community looks to WFP for our expertise in disaster response. We have extensive experience in moving food and other relief items quickly to those who need them most.

After the Haiti earthquake, WFP took the lead on solving the logistical challenges of the entire humanitarian community. Now we’re providing specialised support for the massive emergency response operation in Japan, and we need your help.

We’re ensuring families receive the basic supplies they need by addressing the major logistical challenges on the ground.

Should donations to our Japan relief efforts unexpectedly exceed our expenses, any surplus funds will be directed to our crucial emergency operations elsewhere in the world.

As the race continues to reach those in need, please join us in helping the people of Japan.

Thank you for your support in this time of critical need,

Nancy Roman
Director of Communications
World Food Programme


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