where is the meaning of world womens day, when there are still mothers out there sacrificing their dinners so that their children don’t go to be hungry?

Send your message of solidarity!i thought quite a bit about the whole celebration of women liberation yesterday. and it is not that i don’t think that it is all well and good, but i think the meaning of it all needs to evolve. to me, successful women celebrating themselves or expecting people to celebrate them is rather redundant. i know the struggled and worked really hard and yada yada, but you know, that is what being human is all about. hard work. and now they are at the top of their game, and i know that it was really difficult for them to get there and they sacrificed a lot, but like i said, every successful human being would tell you that same story. and i know the issues women face and how some of us have it harder than others, so in this very essence, i do believe the struggle continues, but not in the sharing of the joy in successful women, but in the sharing in the pain of women who are still battling to have their humanity acknowledged.

i have never been a feminist, in whichever sense of the word. i do believe however, that all humans are equal. instead of screaming about burning bras, i think we should pass around more pants to more people, men and women. we all work just as hard. we all have our own constrains and we all handle it differently. and that is well and good and fine. THAT should we should be fighting to uphold.

and so it is in this light that i see the fight for womens rights should come from. you know, read about all kinds of parties and celebrations yesterday and all i can think about is how all this money can go to helping those who don’t have much to celebrate about. we delude ourselves into thinking ‘yes, i have made it!’, when in actuality, there is still a fight going on and just because we can’t see it and it is not our fight, it does not concern us. then you know what, that’s not what world women’s day should be about. instead of patting ourselves on your back and pounding your own chests, we need to realise that the fight is still out there. it’s still going on. and we cannot celebrate until our sisters have their humanities recognised and their rights served.

as you shimmy about your party in your little black dress and with your ladies’ cocktail at hand, think about this: where is the meaning of world womens day, when there are still mothers out there sacrificing their dinners so that their children don’t go to be hungry? how can you celebrate world womens day where there are still girls out there dropping out of school so that they can beg on the street or work on the field, just to bring some coins back home for the family?

on world womens day, we need to remind and give hope to our sisters that they are not alone. that things are getting better. that help is on the way. that they are not unworthy. that they are human too. just like the rest of us. we need to take action. we need to believe.

world womens day should be a celebration of all women in the world. not just the successful ones at fancy parties.


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