you’re gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul ~ christina perri

i know up this morning craving europe. which is strange. not that i am not obscenely in love with the places i have been. its just that when i’m there, i always dream of the warmer weathers of home. and yet today, part of me calls for the crisp, dry air of yonder lands.

its been some time since i’ve dated about me over here. so. well. nothing much, really. now that all the marathon of public holidays are over, we’ve all really gone into the swing of things here. got some projects on locomotive mode already and a couple more right on its tail. and then there are some personal experiments that i’m testing right about now that i hope i can share with you stalkers in the next coupla weeks. i think. well, i’ll think about it.

bottom line is, i’ve been keeping busy. oh wait. rather, i got a lot in my bowl these days. and i actually want to do more this year than last. i want that awesome sense of achievement that i think i was starved of last year. ugh, i don’t even want to think back of 2010. all i know if that i need some good things to happen this year. and yea, there has been a number of obstacles this year already. like earlier this week, i hit this really huge wall in one of my projects and i was just this close to tossing the whole chunk into the bin.

but you know, if i can desperately scrape the tiniest bit of wisdom from last year, that it i think i am hardier now. i don’t want to say i am stronger. god knows that i am really squeezing the end of the tube over here. so no, i would not say that strength is something people should admire about me just right about now. maybe something else, if you absolutely want to. can’t think of anything at the moment. sense of humour maybe? i think sense of humour is something i’d like to be known for. i don’t think i am all that funny to begin with in the first place lah. but you know, maybe that is something worth striving to be known for. to be known as the girl who could laugh through anything. the girl who could make people laugh through anything. yea. that would be something.

i told CW that i craved europe. spain specifically. he tells me that he misses barcelona too. suddenly there was a pause between us. then just for a moment, i long for those days when we were freelancers and could go and get a one way ticket to anywhere and roam the world. living out of a bag. waking up to a different ceiling every other day. learning about history. learning about people. listening to their stories, and them being a part of mine.

i would go back to that. just for a moment. definitely. maybe permanently.


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