go dig a hole, go straight, don’t turn any corners, when you hit the earth’s core, you’d know you’re just about midway there.

so someone contacted me awhile back asking for advise of ecuador and how to get there. which is a nice surprise. i mean, how many malaysians think about going to a place like ecuador? hello! THE GALAPAGOS! THE AMAZON! one of funkiest airport landings / takeoff in the world! not to mention that it is at el medio del mundo!

now that you have a fine reason to go there, consider also that that part of south america might be just a little temperamental right about now. now don’t go around saying that i’m the one that made you buy the ticket and get onto the boat to this place, then blame me if you end up on a crossfire between the military and the police. go check the embassy, go google something. this is not a suggestion, i am telling you to do that. and then if you still want to go, remember to tell someone here about your details.

boy, i almost did not go pun because of the unrest and all. not that it put me off. too many people worried about me back home, and that is something i was not comfortable with. that worry on my shoulders, you know what i mean.

anyhoos, there are two ways to get to ecuador from malaysia and that is via europe or via north america. the cost should be almost exactly the same. or you could go downwards. that’s right, go dig a hole, go straight, don’t turn any corners, when you hit the earth’s core, you’d know you’re just about midway there.

it you want my suggestion, i would go via europe. i’m not exactly the biggest fan of any american carriers and iberia was nice to me. or do the round the world thing. go one way, come back the other. i did :)

you need to know some spanish. get a phasebook. it will some in very handy. people are nice. but they don’t speak english. diorang tak cakap melayu either. habla espanol.

in the first two to three days in quito, you will be hit by altitude sickness to some degree. drink lots of liquids. deep breaths. no jogging.

don’t walk around with a camera hanging around your neck. remember, unrest.

buy a poncho. buy a panama hat. yea, i know its called a panama hat, but it is made in ecuador.

so there you go. every reason to pecah tabung. even the only bling words for now is galapagos and amazon, give quito a chance. be careful, but yea, give quito a chance. i was quite happily surprised with what i found there.


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