para mi tu eres el mar, eres la única verdad, mi razón para continuar ~ hombres g

oy oy oy, looky what i dug up while trying to organise my external hard disc: the stained glass window of the la sagrada familia in barcelona. so damn gorgeous, you just want to suction your eyeballs out so you can stare at to all day long, kan? itu baru satu window, beb! can you imagine how insanely dazzling the rest of the thing will look like? lagi since it is after all, gaudi’s greatest masterpiece that is still in the making decades after the guy has died?

these days, things spanish keeps coming back to me. my clase de espanol are going great and i’m going to go for another exam come mid-year. you know, i had this test last thursday and the thing is i did not study for it! heck, i forgot there was even a test until like, half an hour before it. i was driving to the school and i called AS and CL and they told me ada test. and aiyoh, we’re suppose to now be at this level where you can’t just get by on just translating random words. i’m talking writing essays, dudes! and that was what the test wanted. for me to write karangan in spanish.

so here’s where things get all panicky and all. there would be absolutely no way to bukak buku nak study in the car, rite. so i am left with just my mp3s, and so aku belasah the album of spanish songs that PU and FZ downloaded for me when i was in barcelona dulu. god knows when was the last time i listened to this collection, but surprisingly, i found that i actually understood the songs better now. okay, spanish songs memang banyak jenis jiwang karat, but somehow when it is in espanol, it sounds so deep, so meaningful, and banyak gila gunapakai metaphors.

and so i stroll into the class dengan muka sungguh selamba maut. over comes professora with the question paper and when i turned over, guess what i needed to do! write a love letter! cikgu aku was still dalam mood valentine’s day, so that was our task. so, apa lagi, i was pulling everything i could from all the songs i just heards, modifying it so that it will not look like i ciplak bulat-bulat and writing the most sappy spanish love letter evah.

i cannot imagine what professora will be thinking when she’s marking my papar nanti.

so, for saving my life, i need to send a long distance thanks to PU and FZ for recommending me these songs all those years ago. if you’d met them, they’re just the funniest and coolest spanish dudes.

gracias, compadres! :)


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