you will not enter paradise until you have faith and you will not have faith until you love one another. ~ muslim

there has just been too much going around about valentines day being haram and all that jazz. its got me thinking and one particular issue just keeps coming back and it is this: how many malaysians celebrating valentine’s day actually know what the story of saint valentine’s is about? okay, i’m not here to wiki up the answer for you, open another window and do educate yourself on that. but this intro does want to make a very quick point: that the most of us (1) don’t know the story of saint valentine; and (2) don’t really care who is saint valentine.

then why oh why are our malls all decked up in hearts and roses right about now? i give you two reasons. the first is a quick obvious one that i don’t want to spend so much time going over: commercialism. roses and chocolates have never cost so much in a year. five ringgit a stalk? yea, i’ve seen that before. but you know, supply and demand, yada yada yada, bla bla bla.

but then the second reason comes along, and that is, people want to let their love ones know how much they appreciate them. and it just so happen that a date become convenient when everyone else is doing the same, so everyone jumped on the wagon at the same time and made it an annual thing. from one point of view, this is classic mob mentality, but everyone else is doing it, yo. restaurants got special menu lah, romantic setting lah, special violinist serenading the evening lah, free roses for the ladies lah… it it does make for a nice way to show someone that you appreciate them.

either way, it really does go back to taking time out to express appreciation, and if you will so have it, love. and it just happened to be on this date, and it just happened to be that some dunno how many year ago, someone did something that resulted on something else happening and VOILA! valentine’s day.

the idea that we harp on history that we don’t even know really bothers me. come back to the pizza generation, my friends. what is a valentine? go and google it. a valentine is a heart. a valentine is a message to someone you love. when i was in kindergarten, the teacher made us cut hearts from coloured paper and we would write messages on it and give it to our parents when we got home. come on now, that cannot possibly be a bad thing.

and then comes the story about people doing sinful acts during this day. if you ask me, sinful acts at any time of the year is just a bad. the solution to this is moral education, not banning the celebration of love. parents need to teach their kids about limits and respect. you catch a couple making out in the dark kat tepi kolam – you know what i have to say about that? i’d say mak bapak dia yang tak ajar how to behave. girls get pregnant out of wedlock have absolutely nothing to do with valentine’s day. it is that girl’s fault. it is that boy’s fault. it is their parents’ fault. i know the whole argument about media influence and all that. but tell me, how weak are you to fall for every crap the media tosses your way? how disrespectful are you to your family that you would disregard what they have taught you and do this to yourself?

in a world so fragile that war can so easily erupt just like that, i think we actually need more love around here. we work so hard these days. we hardly see our families. we are so driven towards the pursuit of wealth, and fame, and fortune. how often do we stop for a minute to tell the next person that we appreciate them? how often does a family sit down for dinner together anymore, with the television off? do we buy flowers for our ladies anymore? or hold the door open for them? do we dress up and look nice for our loved one anymore? can we dedicate one evening of the year to shower that special person with love, starting by coming home early from work and turning our blackberries off?

the bottom line really is about the intention of a person. if you insist on an islamic word, the nawaitu. and this is where we should begin our work where morals are concerned. if your intention is to express appreciation or to use it as an excuse for hanky panky. my parents have always taught me that that is how you judge a person: if from their heart comes a sincere and genuine intent. or not.

so in that very flavour, i would like to wish the readers of this blog a day filled with love. a day where you are reminded that you are loved. and don’t forget to remind your loved ones the same.

may peace be upon all of you.

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