put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT’S relativity! ~ albert einstein

so on friday night, i somehow found myself amidst a bunch of girls i have never met before but bonded by this one (or actually, er, two), but this one birthday girl that we wanted to surprise. in an interesting twist of fate, it resulted in more than one reunion for me, which is not all that bad. it actually inches towards my resolution to try to be less anti-social, so hey, you know.

the gig was planned by a really old friend. we go back all the way to tadika. that’s right, back to the days where pigtails were cute and EO still drank sugary carbonated drinks :) as far as my recollection goes, EO is one of my very first friends (aw…).

ironically, the birthday girl, DF is also retrospectively one of my first friends in standard one (another aw… moment, rub it in while you can, people). yea, come to think of it, this anti-social reject persona spanned all the way back then. i am sure that someday, EO will want to professionally talk to me about it. i have only one condition, babe: hot pink couch with black wood claw legs. you know what i’m talking about ;)

yea, this blog is full of insider jokes. i really am not as sickeningly depressive in person, folks. people usually get most of my personal puns in real life.

how did i start off this post again? oh, our birthday girl, who finally made her appearance, and instead of seeing two other girls, found ten of us (uh, it was ten, right) and it represented school friends, work mates, and i think some distant friends also. it was quite a nice setup la. not quite my usual flavour of an all out surprise assault (heh), but just nice for a nice kinda surprise :)

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