pessimist: one who, when he has the choice of two evils, chooses both. ~ oscar wilde

well, looks like the part two made its way through the cyber waves over the weekend and i have deemed that too many of the pictures are not suitable for public consumption. not because they are not notoriously hilarious and are really actually all in good ‘clean’ fun. but because you, the innocent reader, will probably have far too many questions that i may not be able to answer with justice.

so, i present to you, from RC’s cam, the decent beach photos. yes, between the windows of no rain (but no sunshine either, damn), we attempted the beach.

this is cherating beach, on the club med side. i am not sure if we are trespassing here, but no one was there to halau us out. i guess they figured that if we were crazy enough to want to wander into the beach masa musim hujan ni, then it our own pasal. heh.

calling in on teluk cempedak. and of course, ‘the’ time to go to teluk cempedak is at night for the bazaar and the street fair. apparently, if you are a kuantan-ite, this is what the locals would deem as the coolest hangout place in town.

and the jam really vouches for this place lah. so we thought, okay saturday night, let’s do what the local boys and girls do, and there were hundreds of people all over the place, in a crowded, but actually, not too messy way. okay, if these photos are anything to go by, it is testament that people might give you a funny, curious kinda look, but the let you mind your own business. these pictures were taken on RC’s cam on timer. we had the space and we felt okay doing it with people around.

oh, but one thing about this time of the year is that if it is not raining, the bayu laut that blows is like crazy.


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