the most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. ~ elisabeth foley

the following are selectively chosen photo from our annual new year reunion. selective, because uncle will murder me with his bare hands of the more… ahem… compromising photos ever became public. and he knows where i live. and where i work. heh.

so this year, we ended up in cherating. and RC got a good deal on a “branded” hotel lagi. as we were all excited to go. you know, it had been a screwed up year and we’re more than happy to leave the city for the beach anytime (yes, even you nei). and all that seafood overdose! oh yes, the cholesterol doctor’s dream come true. we’re there!

only that when we got there did we realise why the rates are such at what is supposedly a peak period of the year… because it was the monsoon season and just about everything on the east coast is washed with spats of rain! and the hotel… okay macam ni, one foursquare contributer described it was a resort bertaraf rumah tumpangan. and i could not have chosen more suitable words for it.

but you know what they say, what is a bad weather and a crappy hotel, when you got awesome friends (cue group hug… aw…). i mean, look at nei! admit it lah, you would rather jump into the pool than to be planted in front of your computer rite? rite…….? :)

and no akurian gathering would be complete without THE PRANK. and since its the new year, it just absolutely had to be on our favourite target. now uncle, before you start cracking your knuckles, i chose the blur photo okay. i mean, no one could see that it is you being sprayed point blank in the face by nei in this picture. heh.

and so, while readers who do not have access to the akurian photo album in facebook will not be able to see the absolute delight of the mental anguish caused by the attack, you will just need to content with this picture which describes a small fraction of the celebration. oh yes. happy new year to you too.

but back to my travel writer mode, this was my first trip to cherating and i am personally a bit disappointed by the condition of its beaches. i have been to balok beach and teluk cempedak before and i have heard so much about cherating, that maybe its just me and my expectations build about east coast beaches.

but cherating beach was brown and frothy the colour of mocha. even i would not go near the water and i am absolute sucker for sea water. sigh. i keep telling myself that maybe it is all the sediments from the monsoon. that it is that time of the year when things are just unsettled on the sea bed and that’s what causing the colour. that if i came back to this very stretch of beach at a more favourable time of the year, the water would be a world better than this. sigh.

and back to our regular programming. well, you recognise this picture. we quite shamelessly do this everywhere we go. its a trademark. we have done it in the most public areas you can imagine. so teluk cempedak was no exception.

so that is it for now. expect a part two to this somewhere along. because the others have not loaded their pictures yet. busy much, guys?


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