the more you explain it, the more i don’t understand it. ~ mark twain

i have decided that calling monday a blue day is just too good for the likes of it. hence forth this day and the like of it shall be dubbed as black. black monday. now doesn’t that sound like justice has been served… NOT! frankly, there is just no excuse for a monday. and to all you super perky people on twitter and the like cheering on what a beautiful morning it is, you all make me want to puke coffee out of my ears. no matter how beautiful a monday morning is, i would trade it in for an extra six hours in bed with my curtains drawn any week.

i forgot to charge my phone last night and its just past noon and i’m down to two bars. probably less than that because i’m pretty sure its two bars when i was scrolling through my newsfeeds in the jam on the way to work. so to all of you who feel that absolute burning need to have to call or text me today, just don’t okay. i have never encouraged any vigorous communications on a monday anyway. in fact, if everyone can just leave me alone on mondays, that will be just fine.

my weekend. as it turns out, J and i did the most unlikely thing on saturday – and that is mall hopping. and not just any mall hopping. oh no. we had to go pick only the most horribly congested mall to hop into for some strange reason that possessed us. we started in summit USJ and to all of you losers that have their eyeballs upside down right now, there is just something about summit USJ that keeps it awfully packed with people. and i mean like a thousand zillion people and if you’re on the other side of this screen thinking that this is a crap mall, then you’re missing out, man. kesian kamu.

from there, we went to midvalley. oh. my. god. where, and resiously, where did all these people come from? it is a saturday afternoon. go home, all ye sons of adam! it was so madly congested, that if you were to walk blindfolded though the mall, you’d get trampled by the most unmerciful bunch of wide eyed shoppers in the whole of klang valley. seriously, siapa kata kita tengah gawat ekonomi? inflation, you say? what inflation?! the rakyat of these country are buying and shopping and buying! where they get their money from is just so beyond me. come on, let me in on where you get that spending superpower from!!!

okay, but on a sane note, i am particularly happy with the chinese new year bazaar setup at centre court. it almost reminds me of christmas markets all over europe. which is nice, really.

malam tu pulak, we got adventurous. we went to tropicana city mall. and it was raining. and yes, there is a jam. in fact, being in a jam is like the default of everywhere we go today. it is a natural. a given. when i start writing about miracles like somewhere has no jam, then you call can assume clear traffic. or else, just take it that traffic is forever conspiring against me.

that saturday was my first time at tropicana city mall, and maybe i don’t know the place well enough, but can someone tell me if there is more than two miserable parking floors in the whole friggin mall? really, what mall has only two parking floors? we, malaysians, are mall professionals. and we know our malls. we know our malls and we love our malls. and finding one bloody parking spot at tropicana city mall on a saturday night is like finding the buried treasure. in the first place, the whole do could even be purely mythical and elusive. secondly, it is a moving target. i know, i know, going to tropicana, or actually, any klang valley mall on a saturday night is not exactly the smartest thing to do, but nak buat apa, mood pun melanda.

i got up on sunday on the wrong side of the bed. nuff said.

i am going o lunch with CF now. you should go do so too. sekian terima kasih.


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