this pizza’s bigger than me. and it’s also bigger than a shark. and that’s quite big. ~ cassidy

for the past week, i have been absolutely hooked on junior masterchef australia. the obvious reason is that i never thought that kids below 13 could cook like that. and i have never even whipped cream from separating my own egg whites before. you mean cream is not a carton fruit that grows on a cream tree? okay, now i am starting to sound like a real blonde.

i told my mom, i wish she thought me to cook when i was really young. like, when i was young enough to be curious about everything. when i actually had an attention span or any measure of genuine interest worth speaking about. before i got all jaded with the real world. before all the cynicism took over. you know.

and what’s just really refreshing in junior masterchef is how the kids motivate and support on each other. how amazingly awesome is that? i know that we all absolutely love the bitching sport that happens in adult reality programmes. but you know, i think that it has come to a point when it just gets too friggin much. so much that i really really feel like some people in programs like ‘the hill’ or ‘jersey shore’ or yang sewaktu dengannya, can really benefit from a nice heavy slap across the face. supremely irritating.

but then here comes the kids. and they’re cheering each other on. and they’re congratulating their friends. and they’re clapping for others. and they’re laughing and yea, they are working really hard and they all want to win and they all got skills and i mean like, serious serious skills!! but they cheer on each other. they become friends. they make jokes. they get creative. they invent. they learn. they are proud of themselves, but also of each other.

and you know what? i think a lot of fully grown adults i know, can seriously learn more than a thing or two from these kids.


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