the trouble ain’t that there is too many fools, but that the lightning ain’t distributed right. ~ mark twain

i thought i would wait for the year to run in for a coupla weeks before typing something in here. after 2010, i find myself dreading the start of another year precisely because of what everyone chanting about it being new possibilities. blah blah blah. after all the weirdness i had plonked on my plate in the past one year, the very thought that there is a possibility of even weirder things waiting for me this year almost makes me feel like this is all part of a conspiracy and i’m that unfortunate on some cruel hidden camera reality tv show.

it is customary for people to begin a new year post with some reflections and resolutions. but seriously, if you’re not sick of reading about other people’s reflections and resolutions by the second week of the year, you need to go show off your weight loss resolution to someone else. we all know that hope and dreams are a rare delicacy on this blog. REALITY, people! this is life here on earth where you need to squeeze the sweat out of them pores in order to get what you want. sheer hard work. what, you think i go to all these beautiful places on sweet smiles and hugs alone? i friggin’ earn that ticket, sista. i earn it with blood.

but you know what keeps me going? it is when i finally get to another part of god’s blue earth, i look up above and realise over and over and over again that while the stars may be the same, but that is a whole different sky i always see above me. my beloved sea greets me with with a thousand different expressions everywhere i go. some warm. some cold. some gentle. some powerful. it really is a wonderful world out there. weird, but wonderful. and what i would give to make sure that people don’t scar her with their greed and stupidity.

now how’s that for my first words for the year?

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