it was the night AFTER christmas…

ever on the search to find the trendiest food in the most obscure places… yes RC, anywhere outside SJ, if the distance is more that 15 minutes drive away, it is obscure… we decided one day that we were cool enough to hang out in bangsar. pegi all the way there makan ape… wait for it… makan nasi lemak, kak!

okay lah, granted that some superheroes in the group ventured out into the wilderness of KL (another obscure place) several times just to hunt down this tanglin beast (mostly coming back with stomachs filled with something else), i just had to find out what all the fuss is about. and the verdict… well, it is either that i have ridiculously insane expectations on hos spectacular this nasi lemak would be, or that i am just not a foodie. personally, i think its the latter. nasi lemak is nasi lemak :P

from there, we went to have coffees, lattes dan yang sewaktu dengannya. oh, and a secret santa thing. because… well, just because. that’s why.

that photos belong to RC. but you know, i think it looks much nicer on my blog than on his facebook. also, because your blog is kinda… you know… comatose. duh.


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