project wave-back-at-me!

so we get on a boat ride in bruges and mind you, this is when we’ve been travelling in the snow for hours and hours already. so we were kinda on a high that from a cramped up bus, we find ourselves stuffed into a cramped up boat. and not one of those nice cruise boat either. the closest i can describe this vessel is like a sampan. not a longboat. not a penampang. a sampan.

and just as we started off the dock, it started to drizzle.

so, in order to entertain ourselves, we set out on a mission. and the mission is to wave and cheer at all the locals we see along the canals and on bridges etc, and get them to wave back at us.

so there we were, in a sampan, calling out to locals and tourists alike. wishing them merry christmas and a happy new year. saying, hello world! you know, the kind of stuff you can do because you’re in a foreign country in a whole different continent because no one knows you there.

and the wonderful thing is that ramai jugak yang waved back to us. and that just got us going. of course, ada segelintir that gave us that funny look, but i’d always like to remember this place for having people sporting enough for crazy tourists.

i did not get to take too many pictures because dah la hujan rintik-rintik, the sampan was wobbly and penuh dengan manusia. but you know, over the years, one of the greatest lessons i’ve learnt is that the world beyond the lense in a gazillion times better. and between taken nice pictures and being a part of an awesome experience, i’d choose to chuck the camera any day.

a weird crying statue spotted on the bank of the canal. don’t know what the symbolism is supposed to be about but it really is not everyday that you see a statue crying sampai baring on the ground already.

got me a new stripy beanie. J says it reminds him of paddle pop ice creams. honey, in this snowy weather, ice creams are absolutely the last thing on my mind.


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