for my part i know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. ~ vincent van gogh

so this is my home for the next few days. i considered going completely backpacker but did not follow through. it is winter and one of those things i really really am not prepared to sacrifice is warmth. as it is, this (pix) is what they call a 3-star hotel in amsterdam. tiga bintang is a single bed jer worr. what you cannot see in the picture is the bathroom with is at the foot of the bed. the bathroom does not even open all the way, and its size is just about double to width (not length) of the bed.

consolation is that ada air panas and heater. cable tv pun ada jugak. my only qualm is that i have to put my specs on the floor when i sleep because takde side table. but i’m not complaining.

there is a park just down the road from my hotel. i forgot the name of the park but it’s supposed to be the biggest one in the central area of amsterdam. i think. snow snow snow everywhere and the lake is frozen, but there are still people out jogging and all.


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