great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together. ~ vincent van gogh

got back from a really nice hosted dinner with the organisers. one thing about dutch food is that the portions are super enormous. i think this is why they are like, the tallest people i have met in all of europe. now all i got to find out is how the food makes them grow vertically and not horizontally, and i would have hit jackpot!

olives. just about everyone eats olives here. and like everywhere in europe. and america. tapi kat asia takde. the canned ones just aren’t the same.

no pictures of the mains, only dessert. because the cold weather kinda makes you want to eat all the time and the food came hot and i did not want a cold dinner. also because dinner was so filling, that i dah takde space dah to makan dessert. heh.


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