on the flight this morning

there was this mat salleh on the other aisle on my flight here. and he was obnoxious. nampak sangat he is the guy who kena upgrade so dapat duduk business class and he was completely noisy. he wanted to chat up every flight attendent and when offered a warm towel he laughed out loud. you can just imagine the kind of conversation he tried to have when asked what he would like to have for supper. when the beverage cart came around, he was asking for champagne and every single alcohol you can imagine and ther i was, crossing my fingers that he is not the kind who gets louder and louder with every drink.

he wanted to have conversations and started looking around and kept looking at me. it was super creepy. i cranked up the volume of my headphones and could not hear what he was saying when he noticed that i was watching toy story but i don’t think i really care. i so kesian the other girl that had to sit next to him because he kept talking to her and her first mistake was to layan him.

the only good thing i can report is that as the hours passed, he finally tired out and passed out. he woke up this morning with both a jet lag and a hangover so i guess there is a moral to this story after all. we got a one hour transit here before we get back on the plane to kuala lumpur. with any luck, he’ll get booted back to kettle class or better yet, knock his head in the bathroom and miss the flight.

yea. i had a really cranky night, no thanks to him.

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