break, break, break, on thy cold gray stones, o sea! and i would that my tongue could utter, the thoughts that arise in me. ~ alfred lord tennyson

want to know how cold it is? the touch pad on my probook can’t detech my body heat so i’ve got to breath against my finger everytime i need to move the arrow. that’s how cold it is here in los angeles. yes, i made it here after a rash of panic attacks. i actually thought i might be here to join into black friday. but i was so completely drained by the time my flight touched down, that the seven minutes it took for the bus to get from the airport to the hotel felt like forever.

and yes, here i am in yet another time zone. by the time i get back tomorrow, my biology would have been completely messed up. a wise jet setter once told me that one of the ways to make sure that my body would not get totally screwed up is by exercising. drink lots of fluids, don’t eat too much, and sleep. fluids okay. i don’t have much of an appetite these days anyway. and exercise is supposed to make me wake up when i need to wake up and sleep when i’m supposed to sleep. my only contention is that it might have the opposite effect on me.

but i cannot afford that right now. i get back by monday and jump right into work by then. eh, wait a minute, i have been working all through this trip. in fact, i have been working dua kali ganda because i’ve been working over two time zones.

i need to go for a facial when i get back. i need to see if harry potter is still showing. i need to get a shoulder and back massage. i need to eat nasi kandar. i need to sleep.


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