i think they should have a barbie with a buzz cut. ~ellen degeneres

so yesterday i had the night off from work after spending the whole day at the construction site. and i thought, well lets try to soak in some latin culture because i’ve got like straight up work over the next few days and precious little time left to see the country and god knows when i;’m going to land in south america again.

i went to the local art cafe club and found out that a latin film festival is going on and i know everything is going to be in spanish anyway but what he heck, i bought a ticket for the next show, whatever is was. el lugar sin limites. as i was waiting for the show to start, sipping on my chocolate caliante con menta, i realised that i am attending a gay film festival. okay. cool.

the night was tributed to cortomentrajes documentales columbianos y ecuadorianos. short documentaries from columbia and ecuador. the theme: being gay. obviously. and really, i think the documentaries were actually quite well done. they were mostly indie. not professional film makers. but if you ask me, professional film makers might never be able to capture the intimacy and passion of the stories told by the people here. there are just some emotions of real people you could just not catch with all the million dollar equipment, you know. you can pay an actor, but it is just not the same. in some ways, that simple camcorder is the most intimate tool a person seeking humanity can have.

i think that people need to stop finding reasons to fight with each other. for whatever reason la. you don’t need to know spanish to understand that el lugar sin limites ad. just like even with my broken spanish, i was able to understand most of what the documentaries were about. because there is just something in the voice, in the expression, in the facial expressions that speak beyond any language. and this is something that speaks across any culture.

and the message i got was simply this: that people should just respect each other for whatever they are. and if you ask me, life is difficult enough without thinking of gender and sex. there are things bigger like that. like just trying to be who you are. and trying to figure out who you are in the firs place. and if we got so much problem now trying to explaining up to ourselves, they it is really stupid trying to go and define others and who they should be.

it was quite a night. and today, it is back to work again.


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