if i die, i forgive you. if i live, we shall see ~ spanish proverb

i found out by happy coincidence that quito is actually the world’s first UNESCO world heritage site. how absolutely sweet is that?

the weather this morning was COLD! 10 degrees celcius cold. i know plenty of people who would argue about how nice 10 degrees celcius is but my fingers were shivering yo! my work meeting starts tomorrow and i go back right after everything on friday so i kinda only got today to look around. so using jet lag as en excuse, i set out early walking from la mariscal to centro historico, where all the action is supposed to be.

what i discovered is that there are no walking tours, or any sort of tours going at all porque es domingo hoy. oh sigh. so domingo is suppose to be the say everyone rests, including the tour guides. so i am left wandering around el centro historico by myself, when suddenly, i come across la plaza grande where a gathering crowd was forming with some dancers in the centre.

as it turns out, it was a preview of next month’s latin dance festival that’s supposed to happen here in quito. so first we had the ecuadorian dancers (obviously), and then came the peruvian dancers, then the columbian dancers, then the brazillian dancers… there was also this spanish band which had this pan flute player which was quite stunning and this girl who sings and plays the drum at the same time which is pretty amazing. i could have sat there for the dancers from venuzuela and honduras too, but it started raining. it actually started raining since the columbians came on, but it just got heavier and heavier, that the whole preview got washed out. sayang kan?

so the weather is still gloomy right now and drizzling. i’m back at the hotel trying to fight the urge to take a nap because i know that if i do, i would not be able to sleep tonight and i’d be so dead for the meeting tomorrow. this particular meeting is sorta a big deal to me and i really really hope to make a good impression with the committee. let’s see… it’s exactly 4pm now. you’ll probably see another blog post from me in a bit.


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