if somebody thinks they’re a hedgehog, presumably you just give ’em a mirror and a few pictures of hedgehogs and tell them to sort it out for themselves. ~ douglas adams

oh so here’s something cool, i got upgraded to business plus class on iberia today. well, its still today for me here, but it’s already yesterday to you. it’s the whole time zone thing. don’t try to figure it out. i don’t. i’ll probably do one of those time travel blog posts when the jet lag sets it. but for now, don’t scratch your head over it.

where was i… iberia. well, i actually had two flights on it today. the one from amsterdam to madrid was a middle seat in economy. which probably would not have been so bad if i was not sitting in between two enormously prosperous spanish men. they were giant. kesian aku terkepit in between them. to their credit, they respected the armrest limits of the their own seats la. tapi thethought of going to the lavatory was an impossibility for, well, all three of us.

i got a free upgrade for the madrd – quito route which is nice. especially since it is a good twelve hour flight which delayed. come to think of it, all my flights delayed today because of some traffic congestion or another happening like everywhere.

anyway, iberia’s business plus was nice. bright, wide seats that opened almost flat. not quite flat but flatter than mas’s business seats. which is actually a big plus because i was quite beat by then. all the delayed flights means i was practically running through schipol and madrid airport. and because it is a european airline, it actually did feel like it was built for europeans. which means, this little asian found it very roomy indeed.

the food was just so-so. mostly mediterranean. grapes and cheese and olives and bread. well, i guess i can’t complaint. i got all the orange juice and european tea i could drink and real cutlery for my lamb shoulder, baked aubergine and candied lemon. kalau saya nak complaint pun, it would be that makanan mereka tak pedas, but oh well, memang bukan asian carrier pun.

the entertainment channels were limited. i know, i was throughly spoilt by mas. movies dia limited but oh, here was something i really really enjoyed – there was a film, well, not exactly film la, but a concert video of mika performing at koko. very cool. that would certainly be something i would like to see on mas. concert videos. very cool.

and so now, i find myself at exactly the opposite side of the planet from home. have i said that already? i forgot to bring my laptop mouse and the whole touch pad scroll thing feels funny now. friction after an almost 30-hour flight. does funky things to you. good news is, i get to blog from here. stay tune, lads.


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