whenever i feel envious about your IQ again, i’ll just conjure up an image of you sprawled out on a bed of live koi, weeping and desperately trying to revive that little plastic diver. ~ frasier crane

they tell me that ecuador is directly on the other side of the planet from malaysia. that it is immediately opposite where we are. that if you got one of those funky giant drilling equipment like the one in the movie where they dig a hole to blow up the asteriod or meteor that was going to collide with the earth and smash it to bits, and point it straight downwards right, and start drilling, you will come out on the other end and arrive in ecuador.

only problem one might encounter is that very small concern that it might get just a teensy weensy hot around the area of the earth’s core. but besides that, it would have saved a busload in air fares. but well, you know how caring people are about me, insisting that i take the flight rather than try to dig my way half way around the world.


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