the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. ~ marcel proust

the last few weeks have just been so insanely draining, it kinda even makes winter travel something to look forward to. okay, technically, it is not yet winter on the western side of the world. they tell me that south america is still like autumn. angin-angin sempoi bahasa saja. macam gi cameron highlands. only that it is like almost 3,000 meters above sea level. which is closer like gunung kinabalu than camerons. and temperature is a high of 18celcius and low of… well, just 9celcius. a light jacket will do, they tell me.

are you friggin’ kidding me? which part of sun kissed, beach bum wannabe asian do you not get about me?!

and so i spent the last few days packing. that is one thing about cold weather travel. packing kena awal because i need to relocate my gloves and wool socks and scarves and macam macam lagi keperluan winter out of under the pile of things i only use masa musim sejuk. and sure enough, i spent the last two days turning my closet inside out and i just can’t figure out where my pink wooly socks are, which is quite disappointing because my other one are these cream coloured ones that are quite worn out and looks more like a slip-on bandages instead of socks. and in the cold cold climate of winter experiencing places, one of my little pleasures is the comfort of warm feet in woolies.

yes, i take my socks quite seriously.

well, here’s a consolation, on this trip, i finally get to go a sorta round the world thing. my route is roughly malaysia – europe – south america – north america – malaysia. that’s like an into the future thing which someone told me could do some pretty funky things to my biology. i’ll tell you how it goes when i get back.

i fly out tomorrow. i don’t know how much internet i will get on this trip. i am crossing my fingers that i get put into one of those hotels with free internet. well, i guess you’ll find out next week if this blog gets updates. till then, stay dry and god bless.

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