the tale of three drunks in barcelona

hola amigos! so i dug up some stuff from barcelona trip some time back. now this is a real funny one.

i was at one my favourite spots in barca, las ramblas, when i came across this whole bunch of people watching something going on tepi jalan. well, i absolutely had to kay poh la right. rupa-rupanya, there was this promo road show thing going on and this guy was doing something macam a flash mob tapi, not really quite lah.

the stunt is easy. the music would come on and this mamat will just be walking around and then tiba-tiba start dancing. as in seriously dancing. apa lagi, people will stop and watch la. and then bila dah ada crowd, the deal is for him to tiba-tiba stop dancing and blend back into the crowd.

well, that is supposed to be the stunt la. so i thought, that’s interesting, so aku pun video the gig.

the interesting part comes when tiba-tiba, two punks, which are not part of the stunt comes in and steals the show. mamat kita pun bengang and halau the two punks. the two punks are obviously mabuk.

so the crowd pun dispersed and our mamat comes to do his dance again. right at the end bit of that second video, you can see the punks come back in, obviously selepas kena pukul by the event crew. and this happened just as i stopped my video! aiyoh. so i turned my vid back on for drama’s sake.

that kinda speaks for itself, kan? the punk in the white shirt was so out and the one in brown was so pissed.

okay, so things went back to normal and our mamat started dancing again and we got another crowd going. and then tiba-tiba, another mabuk comes into the picture. he’s mabuk okay, i was in the crowd and we could all smell the whiskey on him. tapi mabuk ni lain pulak. he’s like completely harmless and layan je the music. cute pulak, kan?

then the music ends and he stands there and waits patiently for another song. deejay pun puts it on.

thing is, he is more laku with the crowd! we absolutely loved him. apa lagi? mamat tinggi kita pun jealous la and joins in. so it’s like a dance off happening in the street with our mamat tinggi doing all the weird moves and our cute mabuk winning all the way! i mean, the hot chicks at the back totally dig him!

and well, you know, if you can’t beat em, join them!

notice the beautiful mediterranean weather? aku rindu barcelona now.


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