if time is all i have ~ james blunt

when you wake up
turn the radio on
and you’ll hear this simple song

that i made up
that i made up for you

when you’re driving
turn the radio up
cause i can’t sing loud enough
hard these days
to get my message through

if time is all i have, i’ll waste it all on you

each day i’ll turn it back
it’s what the broken-hearted do
i’m tired of talking to an empty space
of silences keeping me awake

when you marry
and you look around
Iill be somewhere in that crowd
torn up, that it isn’t me

when you’re older
the memories fade
but i know i’ll still feel the same
for as long as i live

won’t you say my name, one time
please just say my name

won’t you say my name
when the song is over


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