it seems that some creatures have the capacity to fill spaces you never knew were empty. ~ captain jean-luc picard

today, i signed up to be a pen pal to a kid at one of the primary schools my company is supporting. i plan to talk to the kid about shakespeare. i think kids should get to know elizabethan literature from the youngest age possible.

i think there are a lot of things that only got introduced to a little late in life. stephen crane, for one. jim steinman, for another. and picasso. i grew up in a simple family who did without most of the so-called lavish that other kids probably enjoyed, and most of this in the form of the finer things in life. not that i am complaining. now that i am *cough* almost all grown up *cough*, i can afford a little more of the nicer things, i can appreciate the joys of music and stories and art that i may not have cared for as a kid.

tho, i still think kids need to learn shakespeare young.


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