red meat is not bad for you. now blue-green meat, that’s bad for you! ~ tommy smothers

and so last week, mom and J roped me into pledging for this cereal diet thing that’s they saw on tv. we three are supposed to do it together and all beginning this month. the deal is supposed to be, if we do it together, we would be able to motivate each other blah blah blah.

and so the first of november came and i woke up in the morning that i did not even go and buy the damn cereal yet. takpe takpe, i thought, and i would just go grab a box from the kedai runcit near my house after work. as it turns out, the cereal takde kat the kedai near my house and i got home from work too late to go anywhere else. takpe, i thought, i will have one of those healthy vegetarian soup dinner and that should reflect that i am somewhat a part of the party after all.

and then the second of the month came, that’s yesterday, and naturally, i still did not have the cereal. and i had a mcmuffin and arabica coffee for breakfast. and penang chicken curry rice for lunch. but in my defense, that was a working lunch meeting and a lot of thinking power followed that afternoon and the nutrients were essential to the vigourous thought processes i needed. and certainly, nothing fuels creative juices like chai latte, right? after work, i got to a different supermarket and finally got a box of the stuff. see, it was always on my mind. and as all great minds repeat again and again, it is the thought that counts.

the only thing was, i was craving pasta in a massive way at the same time. and i thought, since i was at a big supermarket and all, and there was a promotion going on for minced beef and all, i thought, well, a hearty homemade meal of spaghetti bolognese cannot possibly do all that bad a harm, right? i mean, i have acquired the cereal already. and since i had full meals today already, might as well start the cereal thing tomorrow as a fresh full day, right?

the spaghetti was sOOoooOOooo good… and i had that spicy onion soup leftover from a few nights ago which i heated up, and went nicely with the while meal…

i’ve been on cereal, milo and watermelon all day today. fine, its almost 2pm but it feels like the whole day already. i am allowed to have one normal meal a day, that’s dinner, and i can already imagine myself erasing all this cereal crap with the grease i shall consume in just a matter of hours. oh fine, i’m not supposed to. i am supposed to eat like a normal human being.

hello? i am malaysian. where it comes to food, we are anything but normal human beings. “moderation” does not exist in our vocabulary and if it did, it would be listed as a vulgarity. mana ada malaysian normal yang control makan? to be a normal malaysian, is to find it perfectly natural to have seven full course meals a day, and i am not talking about the roti bakar snacks in between, mister! no excuse, no reason needed. malaysians don’t even need to be hungry to have a meal. the eating stance, is the picture of a perfectly normal malaysian.

it is nasi ayam day at the office cafeteria today. you might think that i should be proud of myself for walking right pass the poster and having freshly cut watermelon instead. i tell you, the only thing going on my mind is that mom and J better be suffering as much as i am.


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