wait ’till she’s drunk… next thanksgiving or christmas, or better yet, this saturday at your wedding, after she’s had four gin and tonics and she steps up to the microphone and she’s telling the whole world! ~ pete

now now, you ask me. what gives? where did this suddenly come from? there is suddenly another one/ how fickle can this girl get? i mean, there was a migration for some unknown supernatural reason and someone forgot to tell you? one of those funky cosmic planetary alignment maybe? what the hell are you reading about here anyway? que pasa?what happened? what’s going on?

well, yes. por supesto. everything up there and whatever else you want to think. really. even the alien UFO supernatural bit. i think alien theories are cool, don’t you? except the versions where they spew open from your guys la. and the bits where the peel off their faces from a zipper behind their ears to reveal tentacles and medusa heads and all.

unless, of course, the medusa head is like the one in that uber cool sam worthington and liam neeson movie some time earlier this year. that scene when sam walks out of the medusa liar with her head in a sack is priceless.

oh come on, its tuesday, folks. lighten up!


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