you best back the fuck off of i’ll blow that fu-manchu back into the 60’s! ~ gunner jensen

last coupla days have just been all over the place and i do mean, all over the place. it all begin one evening when TK and RC decided, hey, let’s go to kampung attap and have kari kepala ikan. awesome. that place is like FAMOUS! everyone knows about the fish head curry at kampung attap.

only one problem: none of us have ever been there before. we kinda sorta think that we might know roughly where the place could be. kampung attap. duh.

well, as the story goes, we did eventually find the place. and it was closed. tutup. not open. ye lah, i guess it is not always that the raya weekend can stretch up to a week long. oh wait. they usually do anyway. traffic was bliss. sigh, it was great while it lasted.

so gerai kari kepala ikan kampung attap was closed. then someone suggested nasi lemak jalan tanglin. which we went for. and found, also closed.

and something in me got to thinking, the divas of KL food are all these tepi jalan gerais that don’t really have any kind of real names (none that people actually remember anyway) and instead, go by landmarks (like the iconic kampung attap tree) – DIVAS! these are the places that people would line up for hours and drive for miles and wake up at ungodly hours for.

and these kind of gerais can suka hati tutup kedai and they are not going to lose customers anyway because they’re too hot like that. and they can open and close as they like because people will swarm to them anyway whenever they choose to open. and hygiene, well kebersihan of their gerai is really anyone’s guess but as my dad always said, asap jalanraya is part of what makes the curry tasty.

we ended up at the KL bird park, if you must know.


4 thoughts on “you best back the fuck off of i’ll blow that fu-manchu back into the 60’s! ~ gunner jensen

  1. yo magic, i dont think the kg attap curry fishhead is open on sats…if i remember correctly coz i usually have it during weekdays….and i think the original one has left and is replaced by this new vendor :(

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