my aidilfitri

and now the cranky linguist comes out to play. people are using the term “eid” more and more, aren’t they? i am not saying it is wrong and it is probably the more global term anyway, but i really like the term “aidilfitri.” i feel it is a far prettier word. and for the haters out there, “aidilfitri” is not a wrong term either, it is just a malaysian way of refering to exactly the same celebration. and we have sold out so much in the name of becoming globalised bla bla bla, and i absolutely refuse to give up the aidilfitri i grew up with and come to love.

no, i really don’t want to sound like an arab. i am a malaysian. i believe that it is the meaning behind words that matters and i really don’t think god gets all worked out just because we have a malaysian name for his parties.


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