hello, everyone, i’m tim “the blues man” taylor. and of course, you all know my assistant al “the reason i got the blues” borland.

so it is almost the end of ramadhan right, and raya is around the corner, and i have been whining about painting my living and dining room for like the longest ever time right. and so last week, J and i finally got around to getting some paint and argued over brushes and a coupla days later, my soft creamy living room is done, and my brilliant firecracker red feature wall is up.

and i mean red red. lots of people have all kinds of shades of red in mind when i mention the colour. the girl at the paint shop, siao, gave me several palates of just red to choose from. there is the orangy red. dark red. maroon. pink red. purple red. brown red. and i wanted red red. as in red red. you know, the ong kinda red. kong xi fa cai red. you get the picture. and i wanted this poured all over the biggest damn wall in the house. it took three coats of paint to get most of the lines out and all, but i love it.

now i’m all ready for chinese new year :)

the wall paint job is not perfect. the colour, don’t get this mistaken, is absolutely perfect. but there are still lines on the paint and jaggard lines and all, but i love it just the way it is. it is the sort of imperfection that shows that something is homemade, you know. not the professional paint job that some stranger did. we did the masking ourselves and all three coats of paint, and the little drips and all. absolutely loving the home-made-ness. it is not perfect but it is the work of my own hand. and i can tell you all kinds of silly stories about painting this wall and J can go on and on about this paint is watery and oily and weird at the same time. and that’s what makes the experience meaningful at the end, no? :)

and i bought a dining room table. oh yes, finally. no more hovering my precious porceline over my second hand sofas. the table is the cutest thing you have ever seen, i swear to you. it was on sale and if i drove it back and assembled it myself, i’d save a hundred bucks off, so apa lagi? this was the day we realised how crazy heavy rubberwood really is.

and when we opened to box, we found that there was no instruction manual. two bags of screws and bolts and washers. two allen keys. one table. four chairs. all in pieces. and no instruction manual. so begins our jigsaw puzzle to construct the dining table set. seriously tho, once you sort out the pieces, it is not really that hard la.

so now i can have proper dinner parties :)

so much for home improvement projects, kan?


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