love the way you lie ~ eminem ft rihanna

it this like the weirdest ever friday the 13th or what? this morning, the elite highway, which is like never EVER congested, was jammed. three trucks crashed into each other. what are the odds of that?

then i found out from ML that it is the chinese ghost month now. well, i thought ramadhan would like, neutralise the effect no? kinda like cross each other out or something?

dunno wei, but it sure looks like there might be something going on upstairs there because it like like pouring rain thunderstorm ribut taufan ombak bergelora outside my window right now… and it is just about time to go home.

i’m thinking of making a run for it. either way, the funky weather is already making my sinus all wacko, so what the heck. its friday and i want my weekend to start right NOW!

hope you’re all nice and dry. blog ya again on monday. hasta luego, chicos!


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