bella, would you please stop trying to take your clothes off? ~ edward cullen

yes, yes, i have to admit that i was one of those losers who stayed back after work that evening semata-mata to watch live streaming of paul the octopus making his world cup finals winner prophecy. and i was also one of those offering suggestions on how to cook paul, on two accounts – mind you, once when germany lost to spain, and again when holland lost to spain.

but its almost a week later and they’ve swept up the confetti already. paul the octopus was so like three days ago, hello?! folks, time to get back to normal life and move on to other more important of this blessed earth. like that oil rig that is still spewing gallons of crude into the gulf of mexico yo.

i saw twilight:eclipse a coupla days back. this is a spoiler rant – i’ll try not to give anything away tho the whole world has read the book already, duh. but seriously, i bella a slut or what? oh don’t give me that crap about confused feelings and all that soap. an entire movie dedicated to explore feelings – that i can understand – but this is an entire film about a girl who really needs a slap in the face. you know, all this while i thought it was about edward and jacob fighting over her. tapi rupa-rupanya, it is she that cannot make up her mind, wants both, oh wait, wants one but is too pussy to let go of the other. of fine, that’s the plot of the entire movie. honest. i might have saved you at least ten bucks and two hours of your life you’ll never get back. you’re welcome.

kristen steward can’t act. bleh. i can name you a bunch of other actresses that could do a better bella. not saying that i’d like the character any more la. kristen’s portrayal of bella kinda killed it off for me already.

been finding it hard to fall asleep these days. i’m trying to blame it on mexico. the world cup late night matches plus nasi lemak panas sessions all of last week has done very little to improve my sleeping patterns. at one point, i kept waking up at four in the morning. these days, i can’t fall asleep until four in the morning. boss tells me that exercise woud help but everytime i look at the threadmill at home, it looks right back at me and say, babe, forget it. no. no. it talks to me! i really don’t need to tell you how this is spelling out on my morning rush to work.

traffic has been okay on the way to work. actually, it been nice actually. jam is still there but not as long and anal as it was like a coupla months back. i’m guessing that people are starting to slacken to work since its mid year and all. cools. i like slackers. of this sort.

yang aku tak tahan is the traffic home. oh. my. god. it is crazy stupid now. i really cannot amplify how incredibly imbecilic it is. not without using unpopular english anyway. the kind your mommy did not like you repeating when you were two and a half feet tall. i don’t know why, but everytime i reach a traffic light, it is as if the whole damn world decided that it would like to sit in front of exactly that traffic light as well. and that traffic light would perasan, and take the absolute longest time to change from red to green. i tell you, some engineer somewhere hates me.

apart from silly movies, weird sleep patterns and traffic angst, i’ve been alright, i supposed. terima kasih to those who emailed and tweeted me to remind me that i have a blog. like i owe you a post now and then. pft. oh, i now know how to make killer macaroni with garlic minced chicken. between that and my homemade spicy tomato-carrot soup, i’m just a palate cleanser and dessert away from having my own menu at some fancy fusion restaurant. the kind where i get to scream and throw plates at apprentice chefs who shiver when they hear my name.


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