the tonight show with jay leno… starring… ME! (yay me!)

spot me on camera! i took this picture later that night from my hotel tv. woo hoo! if you want o see the whole episode, come over to mi casa. dad got super excited and downloaded the episode on dvd :)

the shooting took place at NBC studio11. jangan harap nak just walk in and expect to get a space in the studio. ticket kena apply online. i said APPLY. itu pun tak janji will dapat. but if you are lucky enough to dapat, print the chit out and bring it wit you. and even then, this does not guarantee that they will let you in. the people at NBC always issue more ticket than there is space. so kena go and line up. first come, first serve. studio seats like 250 people; if you are orang yang ke-251, sorry la brader, balik rumah makan jagung je.

and apparently this happens quite often. the day before i went for the shoot, they turned away like 50 people.

shooting is at 4pm and i was there at 12pm and there were already 10 people in line. so i pun masuk line. no makan. no bathroom break. lagi i go seorang so no one to jaga my spot.

and i don’t know about you because i think everyone is different at this, but i think the wait was worth it. to be in a hollywood talk show studio set. to see jay leno live. on the show that day was was samuel l. jackson, kara dia guardi and jason derulo (much hotter in person). okay la, we are not allowed anywhere near the celebs and no cameras allowed – we were watched all the time – but it was awesome anyway.

that is my two seconds of fame on hollywood camera. since this is a backdated post, i can tell you, this is not the last hollywood saw of me. more scandalous posts of me making it big in hollywood coming right up! stay tuned.


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