this one goes out to the man who mines for miracles ~ bon jovi

hello, stalkers!

and so i got back to bolehland exactly twenty four hours ago and immediately got hit by good ol’ malaysian humidity. i have had three friggin’ weeks of giler dry climate right, which never got anywhere near like 26 degrees celsius? and there i was, the sorriest, most pathetic looking asian girl in america shivering like anything you can imagine the moment the wind blew. i think the lowest it went one day was 7 degrees celsius and it was windy and raining and my feet felt like ice blocks in my boots.

and now i’m back to a happy 34 degrees celsius and WHAM! – i feel like a sponge going round and round in a bloody microwave oven! you know, i went out to buy rice for lunch tadi and i looked at my arms and they had turned tomato red. and i am like, wth? i look like a damn boiled sweet potato. and don’t even get me started on how i feel. where the hell is the off switch for this damn weather?!

the jet lag has set in. i woke up at three a.m. this morning and have been wide awake ever since. makan maggi pukul empat pagi sambil tengok movie. i tell you, a crash is eminent. i have been on wonka’s sour nerds since morning and that should hold me for the next like hour or so.

but ya, well, people like you want to know if i had a great trip or what and i can say that it completely depends on what you mean by the adjective ‘great.’ i attended some great meetings with colleagues from there. the brain cell fying, numbers crunching, let’s have more work to do when we get back to our offices kinda meetings that crazy people like me would sometimes like to classify as productive – that kinda great. i tell you, i am still digesting a lot of the info that i received.

but i also had a great time. the whole tourist thing also. and you know what i think, i am actually happy that i went there for work at the same time as jalan-jalan. the work takes a lot of the guilt away from the pure pleasure of these kinda trips. of course, most of the day times are spent in meetings and in the office or on site, but all the other times when we got to go to cheers, and relax at the park, and the museum, and the markets and all – it all makes for a rich, and rather disciplined kinda experience. i will always say that trips for work and trips for holidays are completely different things. and both should be enjoyed differently.

so, while i take my own sweet time to filter through pictures and decide what is appropriate to fill the next several posts with, i leave you with what i think is the first tract off bon jovi’s new ‘the circle’ album. i was listening to the album on my flight to LA and this is like the opening theme to my trip.

so tell me, since i have been away for the last three weeks, what’s the hottest gossip in town? how are you, and seriously, what’s up dengan cuaca ni? panas giler!


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