SN walked into mi oficina the other day and told me that the big plant i have against the wall is depressed

and who am i to argue with a horticulturist? SN tells me that the plant is lonely. the leaves are curly and waxy because it is distressed. you know how when you get stressed out and helpless, you just want to curl up in and make yourself look small? ya, it seemed that the plant was about a foot higher when it was carried into the office. it does look shorter now.

i asked SN what i should do to cheer up the plant. i got worried, see? i mean, it is there all alone and i know that we have this flower arrangement thing on the meeting table quite near the plant, tapi it keeps dying and we keep changing different flowers and all so i guess the plant i can see how the big plant can get a bit depressed – it sees its potential friends layu and die like on a weekly basis. aku dengar pun sedih.

so in that sense, me and my colleague FQ, are the only other friends it has. the kind that is less likely to get replaced every friday afternoon.

SN tells me to talk to the plant. weird thing is, he’s not the first one to tell me to talk to plants. coupla weeks back ST tells me that i should have conversations with my bamboo at home. and my pandan plant looks like it is asking for some attention too.

so what do you talk to a plant about?

you know, i read that the mythbusters did this experiment with plants. plants that listened to classical music grew very well. then there was this other experiment they did where they let plants listen to death metal music and the plants grew very well too, and then they died. because the battery in the sprinkler system committed suicide. technology depressed by muzik metal maut. now that’s another blog entry.

look at nature and the sounds of nature, SN tells me. plants have the highest photosynthesis happening in the mornings. and see the sounds of the morning. birds chirping. crickets. frogs. just really fresh, lively, vibrant vibes.

play birds chirping sounds in mi oficina in the mornings? you kidding me?

and i ain’t playing no bach or mozart either. like at any time of the day. pftt.

so i’m giving it doses of acoustics, but i also think that a good musical upbringing should include some classics by my definition. today, we’re listening to dire straits and mark knopfler. i think FQ is feeding it his brand of music also. i think that it is important that the plant is exposed to as many kinds of genres as possible. puts the diversity in biodiversity. get it? omg, i just made that up!!!


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