climate is what we expect, weather is what we get ~ mark twain

over the dinner the other day, i was talking to some mates about the weather. i told them that back home in malaysia, the sun is good and reliable and that’s exactly the way i like it. reliable. it rises at six and it sets at six. no matter what time of the year, we can always tell the time of the day by where the sun is. when the sun is right on top of your head, it is noon. that’s when its hot. it the evening, the weather gets cooler. not so bright. great for evening jogs and walks and games. when it gets dark, we go home to wash and eat. it is always dark when we go to sleep.

JY, who is european tells me how weather tells them about the time of the year. there is the time of the year when daylight is shorter and night is longer. itu time winter. masa summer pulak, the days get longer. and then there will be that one time of the year when the sun sets at midnight and it is like the longest day.

and i am telling the guys that i don’t know how they do it. i mean, adjust biologically with all these changes. eat dinner when it is as bright as the afternoon out there. have lunch at dawn. i had that experience last year and i was the most screwed up thing ever. nak makan tak tau bila. nak tido tak tau bila. 10pm in broad daylight. it’s crazy.

A, who has lived all around the world tries to be diplomatic. its a different experience everywhere you go. haha. tapi tengok where you’re living now, it’s a tropical country jugak :)

haha, and you know how we over here need to use a dehumidifier? on that side, they need to use a humidifier because the weather is just so dry. itu aku tau. everytime i go over to that side of the planet, my skin cracks and i’m like mosturizing all the time.

and so now i’m like preparing to hit that side of the planet again. and since i pergi lama jugak this time i am wondering berapa banyak botol lotion aku nak kena bawak ni? *typical kiasu asian*


4 thoughts on “climate is what we expect, weather is what we get ~ mark twain

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  2. 1 whole bulk!=)

    wow. kinda suck when we need to adjust our rest time or our own body clock. 10pm in broad daylight. phew. that is very why we should established ourself at one place (country) rather than being at all over in different year eh?

  3. Vaseline Intensive moisture Lock. That thing is the shit. i only needed one big bottle of it this winter as oppose to 3 (yuppe 3) bottles of any other moisturiser I used before – johnson and johnson, nivea, nature farm, etc…

  4. but i like the johnson&johnson stuff :P vaseline and nivea (which i tak suka) feels a bit pekat.

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