life after greece

… is strange. you know what’s just so weird, i had like this major jet lag when i got to paris, right – and then going backwards to athens was just surreal. if i knew i’d be hit that bad, i would have jumped off the plane just before i hit italy and cameled my way to greece. it was excruciating.

i got to the city in the early afternoon and i swear, my head felt like someone hit me with an ironing board. all i wanted to do was go to sleep but i knew that if i slept masa tu, i would just die. besides, i was in athens, man, and because my schedule is so damn tight, i just had to drag my hungover ass through the streets to see the damn olive trees. i got back a 8.30 later that evening. tido.

i woke up at 2am. completely plastered. my eyes wide wide open.

and i don’t know, the time difference is what, five hours? but i have never been this jet lag. am i getting old or something? no way. my travel mates were decades older than me. aku tak boleh kalah kat diaorang. i know i have been working like crazy these few weeks la, so it may be all that hours catching up on me. and all those pent up emotionally unstable moments. makan pun tak betul. damn, i would blame it on anything, man, but not age!

and five days later, aku baru nak comfortable with athens punya time, baru nak boleh enjoy the climate sikit-sikit – the cold i can take but the low humidity is something my south east asian body memang susah nak suka – i find myself back in the airport, back through to paris, and home to kuala lumpur.

jet lag. again. feels like someone encored an electric guitar against by skull.

and i don’t get it. balik pun boleh jet lag. aku tak pegi lama. i have been to weird places longer and was happy with nasi kandar when i got back. its been almost a week later already and i still have masalah nak tidur malam. obviously, it brings us to masalah nak bangun pagi. which is really not as funny as it sounds since i wake up so early to go to work in the morning.

but you know what? athens was worth every lost wink. nursing serious withdrawals now. must absolutely have to go back to athens. picchas coming soon.


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