the anatolian dinner

i’m in an anatolian restaurant right down the street from sintagma. i’m sure i’d figure out what anatolian means in just a sec. my best guess is, er, turkish? The music definitely has that flavour. the menu is filled with kebabs and crepe like meat wraps.

my chickpea and spinach soup just arrived. must be a greek fusion thing. i learnt that aside from olives and cheese, greeks love spinach. i had a spinach pizza the other day. super weird.

the soup is unlike anthing i’ve ever tasted. it’s green. with bits of bayam in it. and whole boiled and skinned kacang kuda. served with a wedge of lemon. it’s not bad, which does not mean its not still weird. i like bayam and i like kacang kuda. its just that i never imagined them together. in a soup.

the setup of the place is pretty funky. different tile patterns on the wall, smooth white wooden tables and loud arte decor red cushioned chairs. its nice, really.

my main has arrived. anatolian chicken chop. i had asked the waiter if they had aything spicy and he said he could make this spicy. chicken came with mashed potato, crushed rice and wrap base thing which name escapes me now.

tastes like ayam percik! or at least, a version that tries la. its like an ayam percik with the wrong doses of almost the right spices. mashed potato is so so and i never did and still don’t have a lot of good to say about rice in europe.

at 6.49pm, the sun is still high and bright and its considered early to eat dinner. in fact, i’m the only one eating here. orang lain ada tapi tengah minum. i think it is memang a european thing to makan lamba la.

i’ll leave you for now to finish my dinner. if you’re in athens and want to come say yo, i’ll be at the sintagma after this eating strawberries yang dibeli dari roman market tengahari tadi. manis. come share. i got plenty.


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