greek – tings!

greece is gorgeous. it is windy and chilly and hot and spring and there is something to see everywhere. shops are starting to open again post the easter weekend and dah mula ada people on the streets again.

went to see the changing of the guards at the parliament building here in athens yesterday. the guards wear the traditional greek guard punya costume with this fluffy sorta skirt thing and tights and what i think i kasut kayu, macam clogs, but shoes, and with a ball thing at the tip. men hor, mind you. and bila they change shift, they march in ceremony with this high kick action. very cool. quirky as hell. but very cool.

went to the national park again. very cool. cool as in sejuk because all the nature and all. cool also because cantik. very very lush. and ada taman haiwan mini there also. mostly birds.

hari ni i had the morning off, so sempat go to the olympian temple of zeus and hadrian’s arch which is just magnificent, walaupun hanya tinggal some columns. the rest are in ruins but if what is left behind is anything to go by, it had to be just amazing when it was all standing. the structure is massive!

the only thing is makan is a bit weird. macam tak cukup rempah. or maybe its just me. but seriously, spinach pizza is just far out for me.


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