the human condition with friends

i watched her in competition. her costume is beautiful. diamonite sequins all glittery. the crowd went wild as she posed in her starting position. the music started and her first spin was executed perfectly. the came her jump. then aother. she glided gracefully over the ice. another spin. another jump.

and she fell.

she got up. a smile on her face. another glide. spin. spin. jump. spin. end. the crowd cheers loudly.

she takes a bow in front of the judges and ceremoniously leaves the ice rink. runs to the back of the prep area, right to the last benc, sit and breaks down to tears.

her friends run to her side, telling her how beautiful her program was. her mother sits besides her and told her how proud she was of her daughter. they give her flowers and bunnies and chocolates. people she just vaguely knew came up to tell her what a awesome skater she is. kids came up to ask if they could take photos with her.

but she fell, she told them sadly.

but of course they know that. everyone saw that. but you got up again. you went on. right before everyone’s eyes. when everyone was watching you smiled.

i’m sitting by the scoreboard waiting to see who wins. but ,maybe it does not matter anymore.


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