out of the frying pan and into the fire

and the biggest irony is that this is the F1 weekend. yes folks, i have so many things to do this weekend that i think the only time i will be able to get any kinda rest would be… let’s see, probably when i’m finally on the damn plane.

oh its way more chronic than you think, darling. while i was making my mental to do list while driving home tonight, it actually struck me that i have not packed yet! and packing for business is bukan macam nak packing for holiday. kalau holiday, it does not matter kalau baju dengan seluar tak match but business – and the kind that i am in pulak tu – its all in the details and if you ever meet me on one of these power trips, its all about the details, dah-link.

i got at least three people who i absolutely must meet this weekend and we (notice that i did not use the pronoun reference ‘they’) all got schedules yang boleh mengalahkan diva. then there’s my kids at the ice rink in competition this weekend. shopping for a jacket. preparing work papers.

aku belum sempat research pun about greece :(

J pun agak busy jugak this weekend :_ (

oh well… this is where all the sifus preach about seizing the opportunity. live your life. eye on the prize. go gor gold. gaya mutu keunggulan.

i think i’d make an awesome movie / drama film director.


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