i got out of bed today for this?

one of those black tinted, ultra expensive cars tailgates me and starts flashing it lights. on off on off. closer and closer to me. i was already speeding. i can’t cut into the middle lane because there are trucks. flash flash flash.

and the thing is, i know that kalau kena tangkap speedtrap, aku memang akan kena saman, tapi whoever it is in the swanky car will have some sort of jalan so tak akan kena. and the greatest irony is that i am the middle income corporate minion driving a seven year old perodua kelisa whose exhaust is in desperate need of a welding job. and to whoever it is who sits at the back seat of the chaffeur driven black tints, well to him, beberapa ratus ringgit is pocket change, man.

dia datuk. dia VIP. hidup dia lagi penting dari awak.

something is wrong here. seems like if you are rich enough, you become above the law. wait, i cannot talk about this too seriously and i am not going to start talking about politics here. its just that these people don’t mind the summons. and then there is me, who has to fikir berapa kali dulu before deciding if it will be pizza tonight, or chap fan from the corner kedai near my house, or nak masak sendiri something je.

hm. i still have some kailan in my fridge, actually. hm. if i take the chicken out of the freezer immediately when i get home, i should be able to whip something up just in time for the 8pm news. hm. wait, beras takde… but i got noodles. hm. kena boil. hm.

and you thought that was a lousy way to start the morning? oh no, mis amigos, my morning began at 6.30am when the town council, frustrated by the increasing number of dengue cases in the area, decided to fog my entire taman. pagi-pagi buta, asap from the fog floods through all my windows. i know they mean well, but i felt like i was being exterminated. like a bug.

found out that the team captain is pms-ing today. no, don’t even let me start.

now you tell me if you had a happier morning.


3 thoughts on “i got out of bed today for this?

  1. owh. what a morning you had. some morning uh?
    like you just being on the wrong time at the wrong lane amigos. my morning wasn’t bad like you, but not so good anyway. pity you, and saya sangat setuju dengan your opinion about that very peoples yang rasa above the law. good thing you not pressed on that issue. good thinking.

    so, it’s almost 8 (by this time), enjoy your pizza tonite?;-)

  2. i really hate it when people think just because they have money , they treat ordinary people like us like SAMPAH . Same thing happen to me last monday when i was tailgate by a yellow lamborghini diablo from singapore .

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