god is watching us, from a distance. ~ bette midler

you know, people say that i have a far out sense of humour. i am not sure if this is a compliment or an insult. i just feel that too many people take life all to seriously, you know what i mean? it really does not help living in a society that tries to convince itself that we’re conservative when seriously people, we are not.

we are crude and vulgar and brash and loud and damn right proud of it and friends, who are we kidding? you can take a joke. sarcasm does not mean disrespect. not always, anyway. it could certainly mean that you got your salvatore ferragamo tie tied too tightly around your fat neck that it’s probably causing some sort of blood circulation problem to your brain. but brother, no disrespect. at all. not always, anyway.

oh, leave me alone.

i learnt how to play poker last friday. we were in a cafe and all the jenga sets were taken and we were left with a deck of cards, that’s all. how many card games can you play with two people anyway? ya, i know, fishing, but both J and i have not played it for so long, that both of us have forgotten how to play it. sedih. so since i did not know how to poker, we settled for that. and well, yes, i will always remember this as the night i was this close to getting a royal flush. techically, i did get the royal flush. that is, if you sort back through the cards that i’ve thrown out plus the ace and queen that i picked up from the deck. baby, this close. this close!

spent saturday night with the akurians for yet another completely scandalous kareoke session. RC, you should see AN, WS and J cringe when the earth song came on. and we seem to have found another favourite song: think of me, from the phantom of the opera soundtrack. trio singing by me, TK and JT. let’ just say that for that one moment, there were no witnesses. those who were present were deafened, blinded and clinically paralysed.

and yes, i don’t know if this is just me on a brain dead monday afternoon, or i’ve gone all emo from TK and JT’s achy breaky heart rendition *shudders!*, but there was that one moment that night just brings a tear to my eye. the three of us were singing bette midler’s from a distance and we just maximised that part when the song goes “god is watching us, god is watching us…” and we were all completely in the moment. and we sang like out hearts were about to burst. and we were together. we had each other. and religion does not matter anymore. we all know god is watching us. me and my brothers.

shut up, RC. you know that you’re more emo than i am.

sunday was spent watching police academy. police academy 2. police academy 3. and 4, 5 and 6 is still there in my drawer but i’ve had a bit too much already. is it just me or is cadet mahoney just tries too hard? he’s painfully irritating.

monday is awful so far. no, i don’t want to talk about it.


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