pakcik cool

solely out of convenience, i ended up at mcd for lunch yesterday. is it just me or was yesterday one of the extreme hottest days? W tells me that this is just the regular chinese new year weather. it is always extra hot in early spring bla bla bla. but man, it was crazy. if the days were any longer, things would start to melt in my car. and this is the asian me talking! kalau aku jadi european, with all that summer heat, i would just turn to dust. poof!

anyway, i was half way through my ayam goreng mcd, when this pakcik strolls into the outlet. he is a taxi driver. can tell by the uniform, see? but you know, unlike a lot of the other taxi drivers yang selekah, this pakcik had his grey hair nicely trimmed and set with gel. his shirt was tucked in. his shoes were nice and polished, and he was wearing one of those thin gold rimmed dark dark dark as in black dark sunglasses. seriously, he looks like someone right out of the grooving 60s. all that was missing were bell bottoms and he would have been a pretty cool dude – like 40 years ago.

he looks like all he needs now is a saxophone. then he’d be complete :)

he sat down at the table right next to our booth and ate his burger. alone. his shirt nicely pressed. his pants lift a little bit when he sits, revealing clean grey and brown checked socks. and as he ate, he never took off the black sunglasses.

and i know the first reaction of people would be to say that this old man tak sedar diri. i mean, other people looked at him that way. the outlet was quite filled since it was lunchtime after all. but you know, if only, if only tis was the 60s, people dressing like him would be completely normal. would be cool in fact. and i find something interesting about him being caught in the retro age and living it up now. this was his definition of cool and it really does not bother him if perception has changed over the many generations. to him, when he was a young lad, this was what was rightfully cool. and i think, that is cool.

oh, if only i could talk to him without sounding like a kay poh, without sounding condescending, without sounding like i am trying to pick on an old man – i just want to know what you were thinking, pakcik? and not in a rude way too. i really am curious. and why? is it because that era identifies you? those were your glory days? when you had all the friends to hang out with, when all the glorious dreams of making it big were still alive, when you had all the time in the world to make it happen?

because someday, i will be old too, pakcik. and i will know that some of my happiest times are captured in my past. when i was young and stupid and really did not care to be any wiser. when i laughed out loud in all the inappropriate places. when people would forgive me for being naive. when my friends were the most important people in my life. we grew up together. and we saw each other through rough times. those days when i could just say sayonara to things i don’t like and start things all over again. and again. and again. days when i could dream, and there would be no limit to it. i could dream of travelling the world. i could dream of fame and fortune and glamour and all the finer things in life – and they would not all be entirely beyond my grasp.

and when i am old i would be expected to be all guru to the younglings. and i know i would want to be 17 again. cool again. laugh at all the wrong places again. and not give a flying damn about it again.


3 thoughts on “pakcik cool

  1. hi magic.

    if i was in the scene i would wait till the uncle finishes his food, as he walks outside, followed him and start the chat.

    try again next time!!!

  2. Hello just stumbled your blog and been reading some of your posts and just wondering why you chose a WordPress blog dont you find it difficult to do anything with? Been thinking about starting one.

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