hope for haiti

Fight World Hungerthe thing is this, people are saying the casualty count is like 200,000 – 300,000 people? that’s the death count. that’s how many friends and family members lost. everyone else is injured and homeless and hungry. among them are over 50,000 kids and almost 20,000 pregnant and breast feeding women.

and haiti was not exactly the most well off country to begin with. even before the quake, there was violence on the streets, high number of homelessness, low literacy and hunger.

this is the video made by the uk artistes + friends to raise money for haiti relief. the tauke is simon cowell. like duh. it starts with leona lewis. the song is a remake of REM’s song with clips of scenes from haiti and snips of the artistes kat belakang.

and this one was made by the americans + friends. to me, this song initially struck me as overdone. i mean, pop + hiphop + rap + carlos santana and lil wayne going electronica in the same studio? don’t get me wrong, i actually adore the rap part. and wyclef jean’s creole twist. tapi it is a bit too much to hit you at one go. gotta listen to it a few times before it sorts itself out in the brain. but hey, its supposed to show unity and all that kan? so ya. that works. harmony out the window, seriously (except the rap), but unity ada.

Help Haiti Nowa home is an awful thing to lose. home as in family. where you rest your head at night. where you sit around the dining room making fun of your little sister. where you feel safe.

and then, it is gone. it is not your fault. not anyone’s fault. the earth moved. and i was reading in the papers how the night the buildings came down, hundreds of thousands of people people slept in the streets because there really is no where else to go.

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