a donkey with a load of holy books is still a donkey. ~ sufi saying

you are a muslim. this is your war, someone told me.

that someone went on to insist that we rally against the various holy wars that are going on in the world. these are our brothers and sisters. simply by virtue of being muslim, we MUST take up arms. we MUST destroy the enemies. we MUST show them that we are the only ones on the right path and if they will not join us, then they are wrong. and they must me taught their lesson.

and all the time when that someone way saying this, i get that sense of hatred in the voice. so much anger. so charged with such strong rage.

we are at war, can’t you see?!

and really, i thought about it. all the fighting that is going on in the world. and the people dying on a daily basis. i thought of all of them. i thought of the refugees and their families. i thought of the civilians and the friends that they have lost. i thought of the soldiers – both sides. the army soldiers. the child soldiers. and those who take up arms for the first time off the bodies of other dead soldiers.

and i realise that these people have only two things in common. firstly, mortality. death. because these kind of wars have just been going on for years. decades. and the only real exit these people have is death.

which brings me to the second thing these people have in common – none of them really want to be there. of course, this is only my own personal hypothesis. but think about it – who would want to be there losing everything? losing everything you own. sending your children to war. being sent by your family to war. watching your friends die one by one before your eyes, and then having your friends watch helplessly as you lay bleeding on dirt, without even the assurance of a peaceful burial. for your friends. for your family. for you.

you are god’s soldier. the pleasure of god is all you ought to live for. heaven’s reward far outweighs all indulgences this earth has to offer.

and i think this is where everything goes wrong. god tells me of love. and peace. and brotherhood. and friendship. and respect. and patience. and honesty. and sincerity. and all the wonderful virtues that make a good person. and i know that there is no such thing as perfection. but here is what i believe: of all the flaws that i have, i will not start adding the murder of another human being to my list. for as much as i can help it, i will not act on anger and hatred. i will not hate. i will not do it. i will not wish it on someone else. no, my brother, i will not pray for their destruction either.

and so, seriously. i am not interested in your call to arms. i am not interested in your war. i don’t want to bitch about the kafirs and you can’t make me.

TK and i were talking just the other day, that too many people get too angry too fast these days. yea, it is a frustrating world out there. but if we join in the bitch fest, we only allow ourselves to be consumed by the hate.

and my prophet never taught me to hate.


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