take my picture, hollywood! i want to be a starrr! ~ lady gaga

i think this performance is awesome. i don’t really care what you think. and the only other person who can match how crazy awesome she is really is elton john. these two are solid gold!

last weekend went by just way too fast. and i’m still tired. i’ve hosted two house warming in the past two weeks and hey, i love having people over, but the clean up is madness. not the bad kind but the penat kind.

and then J and i did the LOTR extended version marathon on sunday. which is another crazy thing to do, if you start at three in the afternoon. each movie is like almost what, four hours long. by the time we finished two towers at like 10.30pm, we had to stop. besok kerja. plus, we were almost entirely brain dead by then. by then, all i could think about were orcs and elves.

monday has been awful, should you want to know. tuesday does not look very good either. i got a friend who’s going to be warded for a big operation on wednesday so i’m a little sad for that.

looks like a wonderful week ahead, no? oh come on. tell me your monday was better. go ahead. oh, you working in KL today? go suck a squirrel.


3 thoughts on “take my picture, hollywood! i want to be a starrr! ~ lady gaga

  1. ooo i pun baru finish all 3 lotr. in 2 days.
    for the first time ever i understood everything. every character. every location. and their sejarah punya sejarah.

    magical :)

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