they all say ‘save the climate’ – if the climate was a bank, they would have saved it already! ~ hugo chávez, president of venezuela, at the high-level segment of the COP/MOP

i was invited to attend a sorta analytical forum on what happened in copenhagen last month. the panelists were comprised of actual delegates at COP15 and campaigners. i was admittedly more curious, naturally. because following the conference on webcast is a universe of difference from being there in person.

and the thing i learnt is this: there are plenty of people out there who are disappointed, and even frustrated by the outcomes. and i know a lot of people who really don’t give a rat’s backside about these kind of political gatherings, but plenty enough do. and it surprises me that people in power – and a lot of people in power come together – is still not strong enough a force to persuade a handful of superpowers to just shut up and do the deed.

and these are people who have to come home and say, well, sorry folks, but the americans don’t want it, or that the europeans don’t want it, or that the chinese don’t want it – and because they don’t want it, we cannot have it either. and as i was sitting in the crowd listening to their stories, i felt the presence of bitterness. you can tell when someone is upset when they start venting about how upset they were. things like, well obama was suppose to some and make a real american pledge but you know, he was only there for less that 24 hours so how serious can he be. people arguing over documentation and staying up until late at night. secret meetings in corridors and pow wows among special countries.

and i wonder, all people are arguing over are mechanisms. is it really that’s hard? i really don’t want to hear anymore about who’s fault it is and pointing fingers about someone else being unfair. when you put all your chips on the table, we see that the bigger countries would stake less than the smaller countries. that is enough the show how wrong this picture is.

there is optimist. i mean, it is a political meeting after all. someone has to do the optimism bit. and i actually see this as reasonable too. but of course, i have my own reasons, being non-political and all. but you know, i think people genuinely are thinking creatures and seriously, if politicians want to continue arguing – they’ve been doing it on this subject along for almost 20 years already anyway – then go ahead, because i believe in the mobilisation of people power. but mind you, not to perssure politicians. but to live a greener way of life. i believe in my family, my friends, my neighbours, my collegues – to be the force that turns this wheel. and of course, legislation will move it along much quicker. but we all know that all that red tape is gonna take some untangling to start sticking. but people, we can start rolling now.

and yes, i believe we are :)


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